Friday, November 2, 2007

We are in Guangzhou!

The blue sky peeked out a bit this morning before we left. It seems the only time we see the sun are the days we spend in the airport - but we sure were happy to see it!

We arrived in Guangzhou with no problems. Rylee DISPISED the seat belt on the plane! I can see we are in for quite a ride home from the airport. If we could get a cab with working seat belts it might help ease her in, but so far they are nearly impossible to find! I had to laugh this evening when we were doing our paperwork with our guide Connie. She said humph... she sure is a bossy one! We knew Rylee was yelling at us in Nanchang, but when we asked our guide there she said no, no, no... she has nice manners - I wonder if that means when she is demanding something she adds the Chinese word for please on the end?

It would seem that she is used to getting her own way and the way she does this is dramatically. Too bad for her she got parents that have dealt with a drama queen already - ha, ha, ha! As an example she wanted a band-aid for a freckle that is on her ankle area, so I fixed her up with a nice pink band-aid and she was thrilled. Tonight after bath the band-aid came off, apparently if the band-aid is removed from a freckle, it renders the entire leg unusable! At first we were a bit worried because (it seemed) she could not even put any weight on the leg and tried to hobble along using the furniture to get her where she wanted to go. Amazingly once I placed the magic band-aid on her freckle - the leg worked again and she was off and running!

Drama and all, I can tell that she is going to fit in to our family just great! She has a great sense of humor and loves to laugh - something we do a lot of around our home. She is sweet, sweet, sweet and is bonding to us nicely. A couple of times she walked towards some Chinese people in the airport and I thought she might want them to pick her up, but as soon as they turned to talk to her she ran back and hid behind us or asked to be picked up.

There is a little bit of a jealously thing going on now between Hanna and Rylee. If Hanna hugs me or sits on my lap, Rylee tries to tug her off. She doesn't want me to hug them both though, just her. When I don't immediately leave Hanna to pick up Rylee, she runs to Baba and has to get on his lap. Then she looks to see if she is having any affect on Hanna. The good news is that we have learned so much from people that have already been through all of this so every thing that we have seen so far we are already familiar with and have ideas of how to handle it. I am in awe of this little girl and the way she is progressing through this transition. She handled packing up, the airports and flying like she has done it hundreds of times - when I know she definitely has not! She is figuring out how to fit into a family and we are thrilled that the family is ours!

Now since Kristie commented that there should be more photos of me here - the first one was taken by Hanna and the second one is Rylee's first shoulder ride!


  1. Dawn so happpy to see you ! Yes I believe with all my heart that Rylee is in the right family.

    Rylee looks to be a very happy child. Hanna and Rylee will get through the jelousy thing in time.
    Can't wait to see you all.
    Aunt Annette

  2. Dawn I am absolutely loving your blog. Rylee is FULL of personality and is just going to make your lives complete. She will be an ALL American girl in no time. I am enjoying the trip down memory lane as well. We adopted our then 6 yr. old daughter exactly a year ago and things you describe are bringing back some wonderful memories. Rylee and my Mailia seem so much alike it is uncanny. The pictures are like flashbacks too. We also had Wanda as our guide and I too couldn't wait to go shopping in GZ!!! We also had a HUGE group of what looked like business men and women at Teng Wang Pavillion who asked to have their picture taken with us. Too funny! So happy for you and for Rylee and your whole family that things have gone so well. You are very blessed. Look forward to watching Rylee "transform" once she is home. If she's anything like Mailia, she will be off to conquer anything put before her with determination and tons of humor. Mailia finds something to laugh about in nearly every situation. She is also a serious tom-boy, no princesses here, so I'm curious to find out who Rylee will be. Your family is beautiful and could you be any happier? LOL
    Shop til you drop and have a wonderful time doing it. You'll be home before you know it.
    Shirley Hauer
    Mailia's Mom (Maili CHI list 11)
    a. 10/30/06 Fuzhou, Jiangxi, PRC

  3. I think the picture of you with Rylee on your shoulders is my favorite one you've posted so far!!! By the way, Hanna looks more and more like you the older she gets (and the skinnier you get!!). I love the squatting in the grass story...amazing that in such a short time for her that a toilet would be such a luxury!!! Is she picking up on many English words yet?

    I'm enjoying your thoughts and pictures so much. I'm so excited thinking about your first time stepping into your own house as a family and watching it sink in for of luck...keep blogging!!!


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