Monday, November 5, 2007

We spent the afternoon...

on the island and it was the perfect afternoon for strolling, browsing the shops and playing in the children's park. We walked over from our hotel and to get there you have to walk down an alley where they sell all types of animals. They have turtles, all kinds of fish, puppies, kittens, rabbits, chicks and various other exotic things. There was a vast majority of goods that were unrecognizable to us - dried goods, plants and bags and bags of other things resembling types of spices, barks and other things, all very interesting
One trip down the slide and Rylee was hooked! Even though she had a play area at the orphanage, I don't think she had been on the slide before. Hanna coaxed her up and in no time she was running up, sliding down, running up, sliding down... She also loved the teeter totter! We drew a bit of an audience while the girls were playing. These gardeners were working right by the play area and stopped to watch the girls. They didn't seem to mind when I snapped their picture.

After playing we had a great lunch at the Cow and Bridge, a popular Thai restaurant on the island. Rylee fell asleep in the stroller soon after while we shopped a little and then walked back to the hotel. After we were back in the room for a bit she woke up. I'm not sure if it was because she was in a different place than when she fell asleep, but when she woke up she was scared and not knowing where she was. I think it caught her off guard and she started crying quietly. I held her close and she snuggled up close but the tears kept coming. She clung to me while her little body shook with silent sobbing. It was heartbreaking, but so necessary. This little brave soul has been through so much the last week and a day, so many changes and so much she must just not understand. She clung to me crying for maybe a half an hour, although it seemed so much longer. I did not try to distract her, just held on to her, spoke softly to her about how much we love her and that we will never hurt her and promised we will take care of her. She is safe and loved and has a family now. I told her in Chinese "Mama loves you, do not be afraid". She looked into my eyes as I spoke to her, rocking back and forth and holding on tight. As I repeated the few Chinese words I know over and over the tears finally slowed but she continued to hold on to me so tightly. I am touched beyond words that she let me comfort her and that she trusted me enough to share her pain and fear and to share her vulnerability with me...


  1. I guess if you never had anybody to get you up the slide the first sad. What a heart wrenching episode, but I'm glad there's finally been something as I'm sure she needs to grieve through the loss before she can fully accept the huge gains that your family will give here!!!

  2. This is so inspiring! Thank you for sharing this story.


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