Wednesday, November 7, 2007

We are home!

Well it is 12:43 am and we are home, have unpacked the car and tucked the girls into bed. They are now wide awake and so we are trying a warm bath to settle them down. It is not looking very hopeful at the moment. I laid down with the girls and would have been asleep in seconds if Rylee hadn't kept propping my eyes open - lol!! Hanna had a blast showing Rylee around in the house and she seems to love everything! She did great on the trip home, both the girls did... I will give more details later after I have had some sleep!
Here is Rylee's first snack at her new home and it's 1:15 am - does she even look tired??? I guess she considers this a late lunch!!


  1. WELCOME HOME. Glad your made it home safe and sound.

  2. Oh wow guys! Welcome home! What a whirlwind extravaganza! Hopefully you get some well deserved sleep, but word to the wise, FORCE YOURSELF to get accustomed to our (your) time! I think you are an hour behind us. (EST)


  3. Ummmm....she doesn't look tired at all!!! So, I know you were all excited about doing Rylee's room, but I'm guessing she wants to sleep with Hanna.

    Glad you made it home safely!!!

  4. Pat & Dawn
    I have been following your GREAT ADVENTURE! What a wonderful & beautiful experience you all had. (Dawn you did a Fantastic job with the blog - great pictures and stories every day!)
    I am so happy for all of you that you finally were able to adopt your Beautiful daughter (and sister) Rylee! Hanna is a real trooper - she was beautiful in all the pictures (my favorite one of her without Rylee is the one with the bride - so cool). She will make a great sister!!! And all the pictures with Hanna and Riley are treasures forever! Have fun Hanna being the big sister - it looks like Rylee loves you very much! Best wishes to all of you and CONGRATULATIONS!
    Joyce Baker


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