Saturday, November 3, 2007

Medical Exam and Shamian Island

This morning we had Rylee's medical appointment, which went just fine. We were in and out of there fairly quickly since we are the only family from our agency here right now. Our guide managed to get us right in at each station without much waiting at all! Poor Hanna was up with a stomach issue last night (bad shrimp at dinner maybe). Rylee slept peacefully through the entire night, even when housekeeping had to come and change all the bedding and clean the carpet (I know - that's probably plenty of details on that episode). The doctor quick checked her out too and they wanted to know if we wanted medicine for her. We declined thinking it was better to stick with the pepto and ginger tablets we had brought from home.

As bad as the night was she recovered fairly quickly this morning and we were all able to go to the medical appointment. Afterwards she still wanted to walk around Shamian Island, which captivated all of us. It is incredibly beautiful and we absolutely love it and can't wait to get back there! I could spend days there just for shopping and enjoying the parks!

We had lunch at Lucy's and found out why it is so popular with the adoption community. We ate outside and there was a wonderful mix of locals and adoptive families eating or enjoying walking in the park. While we were there Rylee had to visit the restroom and evidently she has decided she likes the American style bathroom over the Chinese style "squatty potty". She looked in each stall and when she saw the type it was, grunted and shook her head no. After surveying all 8 or 10 stalls she took my hand led me outside and pointed to the grass. I pointed back to the restroom and she grunted again and pointed back at the grass! I admit I debated, but decided I just couldn't let her go outside (even though it is not uncommon for kids here), she shot me a thoroughly disgusted look, but she cooperated! The next time we went in a restroom she about jumped for joy at seeing the American style toilet!

I love the shops here and Pat is quickly getting the hang of negotiating the prices! I just love it here and we had so much fun shopping and picking things out for the girls. If only we weren't limited by luggage size...


  1. Hey guys, sorry you guys had such a rough night with Hanna and glad you all did'nt get sick.

    Still for the most part things seem to be going so well for you all. I think I would love shop thereto with Pat as my negociater!
    Love you all!! Aunt Annette

  2. Is she still putting food in her pockets????

    I have a feeling there are going to be many matching dresses to come....

    Too cute!!!!


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