Saturday, November 17, 2007

Yeah - We are officially sleeping through the night!!!

Rylee loves having her own room! We thought she might not like sleeping alone because as far as we have been told she has never slept alone in a room before. She has been sleeping in the same room with us until last night when we asked her if she wanted to sleep in her bed. She gave a big nod and an even bigger smile. I sat in her room until she fell asleep and she didn't wake up until 6:00 this morning! Then at nap time today she told Baba that she wanted her bed and hopped in told him bye bye, laid down and went to sleep.

We spent Thursday and Friday at the doctor's office and lab, getting all her tests run. So far everything that has come back looks really good. She is even in the 20th percentile for height and weight on the American Charts! Poor baby had several vials of blood drawn - she did not like that at all and refused to say "hello" to anyone else wearing a lab coat the rest of the day. She probably thought if she said hello - they would poke her again! After all that we stopped at Walgreen's to get a prescription filled and her eyes lit up at the food isle. By the time we left she had a can of pringles, a bag of Cheetos, a box of cookies, a fruit cup, a yogurt smoothie and a bag of pistachios all carried in her own arms (while I carried her). What can I say - who can refuse an adorable 4 year old that just bravely had needles poked in both arms?

She is still not all that impressed with American food but we are finding things that she will eat. She makes it perfectly clear when I give her something that she does like and last night was the best one yet. So far her favorite was chicken sausage spiced with habanero peppers, served with white rice. She tasted that spicy sausage and said "MAMA, MAMA" (big nods) and then threw her arms around me, hugged me tight nodding the whole time, pointed to the sausage again and gave me another hug, laughed and nodded her approval all through dinner! (Did I mention here that she had told the ladies at the Chinese restaurant that Mama was not a very good cook? She doesn't seem to be holding it against me though, just making an extra effort to let me know when I give her something good!) I think she was as relieved as I was that I had finally cooked something that she thought tasted good!


  1. Hi Dawn,

    I love your post. I check your blog every day. I loved following your journey. Your post today made me tear up about the beach, laught that she wouldn't say hi to people in a lab coat, who could blame her.
    I was excited to see that she likes sleeping in her own bed.

    Thanks for much for keeping it up. It is really helping me while we wait for our LOA.
    Waiting for our LOA for our 9 year old daughter from Xinyu City.

  2. Dawn you finally did it you cooked something Rylee would eat. Yeah !!

  3. What a moment that must have been when you realized she liked the meal! Gotta love these spicy Jiangxi girls ...

    Your day at the beach sounds like it was a beautiful day of exploration. Thanks for sharing the wonderment of the day.


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