Tuesday, February 10, 2009

After we left off with the overwhelming cuteness...

...in that last post my friend called to say could I come get Hanna because she was throwing up all over her house. WHAT??? She was fine and having a blast with her friends just a short time earlier when I had checked on her. So I quick jump in the car, go the short distance and pick up my child - bucket in hand.

The poor girl was sick every 20 minutes for hours and hours. We needed to pick up a few things from the store and I briefly thought about bribing my husband to let me go... (seriously people, I do not do will with bodily fluids). Luckily (for me), her stomach was pretty much empty by the time I got to her.

About 8 hours later she slowed down to every hour and suddenly I was not feeling so well. So now I have to lie down and Pat gets to take over with Hanna. He "sleeps" on the floor close by Hanna while I sleep in the bedroom fighting off the nausea with every ounce of my being. We all survived the night and Rylee ran circles around us the rest of the weekend. (Pat managed to hold off the bug until Sunday night, but has been sicker than sick ever since!)

So on to the actual point of the title. While Hanna is so very sick, Rylee is trying to take pictures on the cell phone of the puking. I told her several times that we do not take pictures of people throwing up, nor do we take pictures of people while they are in (using) the bathroom and told her to put the phone away. But every single time I turn around she is back in Hanna's face with the camera. I say Rylee - why are you doing that??? "Because I want to Mama!"


  1. I hope everyone is feeling better. Having your kids throw up is the worst!!

  2. Dawn,

    I'm so sorry you have all been sick :( I hope you are better soon! Your girls are beautiful! I can't beleive how grown up Rylee looks - I think Tia looks a little like her, what do you think?

    Oh and we are not near the bushfires, they are in the south of Australia and we are in Sydney which is maybe 500-1,000 miles north of the fires.




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