Thursday, February 12, 2009

Another Biggest Loser...

This is a little behind, but with all the "yuck" going on around here it's the soonest I could get to it. So Tuesday night - biggest loser night, we were all actually finally feeling pretty good. The girls and I went in to watch our show.

They get to this pop quiz where they have to balance on a block to win. People were falling off left and right - brown team right away - no surprise there right? Then Tara goofs around, falls off, takes a dive into the pool and then whines about ruining her sneakers in the pool - could she seriously not see this coming??? They haven't even been on these blocks - what more than 5 minutes at this point? At 8 minutes there are only 4 left... "Come on people can it really be that hard?" Hanna and I are saying at the television. Hmmm... well there is only one way to find out - lets give it a try...
Since I am sure you were all wondering the same thing - here is what we found out: For one you have to stand still and concentrate - not flap around like Tara. I made it 8 minutes and that is with Hanna grabbing me 3 times for balance! The biggest challenge though was getting Rylee to not touch me for 8 minutes (she didn’t make it). It did start to hurt - but only a little - after about 5 minutes. Mostly in the foot and lower calf – but it was tolerable. You know... now that I think about it - when I jumped up for a mad rush to my puke bucket - I did get a cramp in my calf of the leg I was using to balance on the block (stack of books in our case).

Looking at these pictures I just cannot believe that the half filled box of Christmas decorations is still sitting in our TV room - put it away already, geesh...

The hardest part of the show I thought was watching Mike (brown team) working his heart out, sweating, crying while his Dad looked on. I mean here is your kid working so hard he is crying and he is standing there watching. I just wanted to yell at him "walk for goodness sakes, move, do something - so it's not all up to your kid!!!" I'm glad for Mike's sake that they are still there, because he is working SO hard!

So what do you guys think - have you picked a favorite team yet???


  1. Brown team because of the son. I have a heart for the young ones that are so over weight.

  2. I really like the blue team because they seem to be so family oriented. I like the black team for that reason too. But the blue team seems like the kind of people that if you needed some help, they would be there. Maybe that's the Polynesian in them?? I also like the way the dad on the brown team really supports everyone and seems to really care about others. I don't really like the pink or purple teams, but don't really know why. Maybe they just aren't very much fun?? I like that the yellow team has so many kids, but they seem a little too concerned about just themselves and Aubrey puts me off a little! How's that for an answer!!


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