Tuesday, February 3, 2009

School Fundraising - looking for....

Every year the school does a Boosterthon Fun Run. The kids have an absolute blast trying to run as many laps as possible and they are supposed to find sponsors to pledge for each lap they run (now I know you are totally sighing right now thinking this is a pitch to pledge money for my adorably amazing, super speedy children - but it's not - just wait... it's something even better!).

The fundraising group sends home this high energy super hype DVD for us to watch with the kids. Rylee waits anxiously for Daddy to get home and through dinner until it is finally time that we can put the DVD in to watch. It is five minutes long and goes through what the kids can do and Rylee can hardly sit still "Yeah Mama, we get to do that!" "Ooooh, we gonna do that Mama!!!" and then they get to the parents part.

PARENTS: The only thing you have to do is come to the Boosterthon Fun Run AND bring relatives!!!!

Rylee says "Yeah Mama you can do that - you can bring de rebatives!"

I said "well I would, but we don't have any relatives here Ry"

Rylee "That's okay Mom, we can just buy some"

Sooooo - on to what we are looking for... I'm wondering if there are any relatives for sale in the general Mid-Alabama area??? Hmmm any takers?

Oh, and I should mention since the auto industry has not picked up yet - I can't actually pay you... so I will sweeten the pot with these pictures of my very lovely children!

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  1. I SO wish I lived near you! I would come in a heartbeat! For free!! LOL


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