Thursday, February 5, 2009

Biggest Loser Night

In case you didn’t know I am a big “reality” TV fan – Survivor, Amazing Race, Top Chef etc… love them all. So the homework was done (mostly) and it’s cold, COLD outside so I said to the girls “Hey – want to make some popcorn and go watch Biggest Loser???” To which they both enthusiastically replied “YES”! (It’s not as bad as it sounds, wait maybe it is – there was extra butter involved after all.)

So anyway we took out big bowl of extra buttery popcorn into the TV room to watch our recorded show about ya know… healthy eating and weight loss. We snuggled together and munched on our popcorn under warm blankets – so fun! We finished off the popcorn as the partners were desperately getting in their sweaty workouts and looking extremely close to passing out. Suddenly Hanna popped off the couch and left the room. A couple minutes later she came back in with an armload of weights. She begins to set them up in various places around the room and then wants to know if Rylee and I want to work out with her. Rylee and I look at each other and then back to Hanna. Rylee snuggles in closer and we both say “no thank you” at the same time. So Hanna takes some light hand weights and starts jogging around the room. Now this room is pretty small, so she is pretty much in the line of vision the whole time. It doesn’t take long and I start to feel a little guilty for just sitting while watching my 9 year old jog around the room in mini laps. So I say – “come on Rylee, let’s do some exercising with Hanna”. So for the next 45 minutes we did sit ups, hand weights and various other exercises while we watched to see who was going to get eliminated.

It was fun to see how much the girls have learned at school about exercise. It wasn’t long though before Rylee ran off to hide in the closet - of all things (claiming that she was preparing a surprise for us). After about 10 minutes I made her come back out and join us – she begrudgingly (as in nonstop complaining) made it through some sit ups. She is definitely not my athletic girl – much more my princess girl!

Here are a few pictures of our fun!

Rylee showing off her muscles!

Scruffy looking none too pleased that nobody is sitting still long enough for him to settle on a lap!


  1. I actually think the dog is saying "What are my people doing???? Hope they don't ask me to join in... NOT going to happen!"

    I love the biggest looser... but this one... I can't decide who I like... I am not feeling the instant love for any of them. I do like the dad and son - but enough already... loose the weight so you don't have to beg on behalf of your son EVERY week!

    I was so happy that Joelle went home... so so so happy... but man... to loose a friend over the nonsense... YIKES!

    Cute pics! We still need to get together... when it warms up for sure.... We MUST make plans!!!

  2. Too funny!! My daughter Kendall and I popped popcorn 2 nights ago and watched "The Biggest Loser" also!! But we didn't get around to working out like you guys did!!

  3. I think you nailed that Rebel - that is exactly what it looks like Scruffy is saying - too funny! Yes - yes we have to get together - I think our kids can do some serious damage - I mean have serious fun together!


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