Friday, February 20, 2009

Reality vs. Fantasy

As Rylee's language develops and she is able to communicate her thoughts and ideas better, she is starting to ask more questions. Here are a few examples:

Rylee: "Mama, when we dream do we have bubbles over our heads?"

Me: "What do you mean Rylee?"

Rylee: "You know, like Hanna draw in picture with dog - do our dreams have words in bubbles when we sleep - do you see that Mama?"


As we were watching Jon & Kate Plus 8 last night:

Rylee: "Mama, maybe when I am a person like you I will have a kid or six in my tummy!"

Suddenly her face lights up with excitement!

"MAMA - maybe my kid will be CHINESE! (clapping hands) OR maybe she will be 9 like Hanna!"


At dinner last night:

Rylee: "Yummmm, Mama this is so good! When I am a person like you, I will make this for my kids. Maybe I will make this for my kids every day!"


Rylee: "Mama, why the person in the TV not talkin to me? HEY YOU (yelling at television) you not nice - not talkin to me (rolls eyes)!"

Rylee: "Mama, what's his name? (pointing to her dad)"

Me: "Do you mean Daddy?"

Rylee: "OH YEAH - I forgot (laughing hysterically)! You name is Daddy!!!!"



  1. She is hysterical! She must be so much fun to have around. :)


  2. So cute! I showed Harper these pictures of Rylee on Saturday morning, and immediately she requested "hair like Rylee's (the ponytails in the first picture)." And again on Sunday, and again this morning before school.



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