Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thank you - I think we made it!!!

Thank you to all who called, emailed and commented and expressed concern about our lurking illness!!!

Wednesday morning round two with the stomach virus struck me with a vengeance! Just when I thought the stomach flu couldn't get any worse - well, trust me it can and it did!

Seriously, bad enough that I vow that the next time my husband is sick in bed for three days - he will have to disinfect his own stuff ;)

So picture this scene - I get sick about 2:00 am but don't start throwing up until 6:00 when the girls get up to get ready for school. At the same time my hubby crawls into the room I am in, because after 3 days in bed his back has locked up and he can't stand up. So here he is hunched over and crawling on the floor, while I am curled up clutching my bucket and we hear the girls footsteps on the stairs. Oh no - who is going to take care of the kids and get them ready for school. I mentally go through my list of friends - nope surly can't ask that of any of them. We don't have any family within 12 hours of us so we just have to tough it out.

Hanna, sweet daughter of mine, came to the rescue! She got breakfast for them both, got Ry dressed, packed snacks, told me not to worry about lunch - they would both buy it at school and got them out to the bus in time. Ahhh my girl is growing up... What I didn't realize until they got home was that she did all that for Rylee - but then wore her pajamas to school!

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