Saturday, February 14, 2009

Venturing into treacherous waters...

Okay, maybe that is a slight overreaction, but I need advise from other mothers of a 9 year old - or mothers of a previous 9 year old. Is this the age, could it really be here already - is this the time that the girls become - oh how I dread this - "boy crazy"?????????

I am torn here between panic over what is to come ( the sweet silliness and the broken hearts that can come with a first crush) and having a little bit of mommy pride because she did pick the most adorable boy in the third grade. She has known the OOHA (object of her affection) for almost a year, but recently when she talks about him she gets this shy, embarrassed, adorable little grin on her face. I have flashes of people that I know (of) that met their Prince Charming at a very young age and it starts to freak me out.

So if the Mother of the OOHA still checks in on my blog occasionally - please shoot me an email (click in the side bar) we need to strategize talk. Oh, and if you haven't been to my blog lately, you just might want to skip this fairly recent post. Really - no need to even go there! Do boys even talk about this stuff at home - maybe she doesn't even know what's brewing here!

Soooooo moving on. There is a boy at school that asked Hanna to take a special valentines card, and special chocolate to one of her friends, with specific instructions to not tell the girl who they were from until Monday. On Monday she is to tell the friend who the boy is and find out if she (the friend) likes him too. Seriously, third grade people? It just seems to me like these things started much later when I was younger... Mom - do you remember????????

As much as I would love to share a picture of OOHA with you - I just cannot do that to my child. She would be oh-so-embarassed so you will just have to trust me on the fact that he is quite the cutie!!!

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